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Decor and home-improvement ( ديكور) Curtains, Colours, Paints, Furniture, Lighting, Hobbies and smart solutions

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افتراضي Color Psychology


The paint colors you choose for your home should do more than just cover the walls; the colors themselves can have a profound effect on your state of mind and your emotions. Many events in our lives have conditioned us to either like or dislike a certain color.
Our reaction to color is subconscious. When we respond to color the psychological basis can be ethnic, physical or communal.
So, listen to your inner self when you are choosing paint colors for your home. Let nature inspire you. Select paint colors that will help achieve the desired sensory effect in each room of your home.
As you look at the images below, and consider the words associated with each color, notice how you feel...

Celebrate – paint the town red

Love - a dozen red roses

Valor -
the “Red Badge of Courage”

Warmth -

red hot coals of a fireGlamour- the color of every movie star’s favorite carpet
If red is your favorite color it indicates you feel that life is meant to be exciting and happy. You are likely impulsive, passionate, dynamic, quick to share your (positive or negative) thoughts and can have sweeping emotional ups and downs. You can be

aggressive and courageous

Purity –innocent baby adorned in a white baptismal gown

Cleanliness – freshly scented soap

Truce – soldier waving a white flag

Goodness – Majestic angels in flowing white robes

Cold – Ice and fresh fallen snow If white is your favorite color you likely expect happiness in all things. You strive for the best and also expect the same in others. You probably seek perfection and desire constant enlightenment

Fertility – fruitfulness from the tiny seed to the shady tree

Restful – “Green Rooms” for actors

Luck – four leaf clover

Jealousy – green with envy

Nurture – gardens tended by a green thumb
If green is your favorite color you are likely an affectionate lover and spouse and a loyal friend. A stable and balanced person, you finish what you start and are inclined to be frank and sensitive to social etiquette making you a good citizen and respectable neighbor

Tranquil – calming color used in hospital nurseries

Mystery – deep blue sea

Uniqueness – “once in a blue moon”

Refreshing – swimming in the cool ocean waters on a hot day

Infinite – sky blue If blue is your favorite color you are basically a calm, peaceful and contented person. You are likely to be sensitive to others with an inclination to speak and act somewhat cautiously. You may find it difficult to let go of emotions but enjoy life and make a trustworthy friend

Cheer – welcoming rays of the sunshine

Exploration – yellow brick road

Hope – golden opportunities

Caution – traffic warning signs

Happiness – a sunny disposition

If your favorite color is yellow you are likely an artistic and creative individual. Highly imaginative and idealistic, you look forward to the future and yearn for the new and modern. You are a cheerful spirit and expect great happiness

Opulence – a black limousine

Intensity – radiation of heat from blacktop streets

Intrigue & Mystery – the darkness of night

Dramatic – a black tie event

Negative – black market, black sheep, blackmail

If black is your favorite color you are likely quite dissatisfied with your life, inclined to hide your true emotions and find it difficult to be carefree. However, you also carry yourself with dignity and want to be the master of your future. You may conceal your real personality and present a false image of cleverness and wit

Bravery – purple heart

Meditation – stained glass windows

Unique – rare beauty of an orchid

Calming – the scent of lavender

Regal – violet robes worn by kings and religious officials

If purple is your favorite color you may be quite temperamental but highly sensitive and observant. You probably enjoy glamour and being creative and very likely you prefer fantasy over reality. You are acutely aware of your uniqueness and have close friends you confide in but are often misunderstood

Rich – mixture of the red of fire and the yellow of sunshine

Exotic – the sunsets of tropical islands

Spirituality – saffron robes of a praying monk

Appetizing - sweetness of a juicy orange

Change – the colors of the autumn leaves If orange is your favorite color you probably get along with everyone and are very amiable. You have strong social tendencies and would rather not be alone. Being so social, you may
lead a singularly blessed life


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